About Us

Since its beginning in 1980, IDAK has focused on the assessment of a person’s full potential from an organizational and career planning perspective.

The specialty which IDAK has pioneered and has now become its trademark is assessing innate Natural Talents as the key predictor for best job fit. This aptitude specialty is separate from the more commonly measured personality characteristics, work skills, education or training equivalents. IDAK has become recognized nationally as one of a very select few organizations which recognize Natural Talents as critical to the question of maximum productivity and mid-career advancement.

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About IDAK Group | Counselors

Our Mission Statement

  1. We help men and women identify, seek and obtain the career which best fits their interests, values and innate skills.
  2. We help business owners and presidents maximize their productivity and job fit.
  3. We help organizations and closely held businesses resolve job performance conflicts with a win-win solution between management and personnel.
  4. We provide innovative approaches and resources which help our clients find employment opportunities which are not listed, posted or known by the general public.
  5. We empower clients seeking a career change to overcome occupational stereotyping and to be competitive in a tight job market.
  6. We provide training for managers, educators, counselors and consultants on how to empower individuals to reach maximum productivity and their full career potential.
  7. We continually research, test and develop assessment systems focusing on innate skills (natural talent).
  8. We are a safe and confidential resource for leaders who are questioning their current role and may be seeking other leadership options.
  9. We are a resource for those seeking ministry service as a life calling.

Our Core Values

  1. We believe each person is endowed by our creator with value and innate talent.
  2. We believe that many people who work for a living desire to accomplish more than just to earn a paycheck; most people desire to make a difference with their work/career.
  3. We believe that a person is most fulfilled in their career when they are able to pursue their passion and also engage their innate skills (natural talent).
  4. We believe people who are fifty years of age can find the ideal career which allows for ten to twenty more years of fulfilling work.
  5. We believe that retirement does not have to be an ongoing vacation. It can also be a purpose driven choice of fulfilling work to make a difference.
  6. We believe men and women of all races and ethnic origins can achieve success in entrepreneurial, management, professional, or leadership roles.
  7. We give equal emphasis to career advancement within business, industry, government, education, ministry service, and nonprofit fields.
  8. We do not believe educational certificates, degrees, or years of job experience are essential qualifiers for a more fulfilling career.
  9. We do not limit our services to “mainstream” achievers. We seek to serve those who are caught in the anguish of meaningless or stressful work.
  10. We are committed to continuous research and improvement relating to how we provide our services and develop our products.