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Thank you for contacting the IDAK Group. We assist organizations, employees and employment interview candidates with information to help make best informed job performance decisions. Unless otherwise communicated to you by the organization requesting our services, our online assessment services are free to you; they are paid by the organization which has referred you to our site. Some organizations request that the person completing the exercises (you) pay for the online testing which is $185. Be sure you have clarified with the organization as to who is to pay for the service.

Please follow these instructions:

  1. To begin, you will need to complete all the information requested below. Click “submit” when you are finished.
  2. Once you have submitted the requested information, the person you have noted below will be notified that we have received your contact information. We will wait for authorization from this person before sending you further instructions. We will also request instructions as to who will pay for the service.
  3. After authorization, you will receive a response from our office with instructions on how to complete your online assessment exercises. Please complete the exercises within three business days after you receive the return instructions from our office. There are three exercises; each will take approximately 1 to 1½ hours to complete (total time is approximately 3½ hours).
    If you are to pay for the service, we will send you a PayPal online payment link. Once we receive payment, our office will send you instructions as noted above.
  4. Once you have completed all of your exercises, your testing results will be forwarded to the IDAK Group for preparation in a MAX Report.
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Neil A.

The IDAK process is life changing. After trying numerous other instruments, I discovered IDAK 10 years ago. Unlike the others, this assessment brought logic, clarity, understanding and direction to my life and career.

Leslie N.

As a professional career counselor, I believe the multi dimensional IDAK Career Match is the ultimate in career assessment instruments for the adult client. It is the cornerstone of my Career Counseling practice.

Hellen S.

I used to administer four different tools to accomplish what the (IDAK) Career Match can do better. As a nationally certified career counselor with 12 years experience, I fully endorse the (IDAK) Career Match system as the most comprehensive tool available to create the roadmap for mid career transition.

Dr. Mike H.

This (IDAK) system is at least 2-5 years ahead of anything I have seen.

Elaine C.

I have been riding on a bicycle, this is the jet plane of career assessment.

Steve R.

I felt this to be an outstanding product worth 100 times the price.

Marshall K.

First rate and high quality, excellent, excellent.

Nelson Malwitz

The IDAK career services work especially well for those who are switching careers, such as from a marketplace career to ministry. Everyone who goes through the IDAK training speaks very highly of the outcome.

Chuck Kelley

Exposure to John Bradley’s thinking and style to changed my attitude. As a result of the assessment process, I felt better equipped to eliminate some options and to pursue others with a sense of confidence. The ministry choice I have made matches who I am and what I do best.

Jim Zorn

Within a short time John Bradley’s program gave me renewed confidence that, indeed, there was life after professional football. I was encouraged by the discovery of unrecognized strengths and expectant as a new direction began to unfold.

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