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IDAK Group has a long history of assisting hundreds of large and small companies, non-profits, ministry organizations and churches to empower their personnel to achieve maximum productivity. Thousands of individuals have benefited from these powerful seminars. Most of the training seminars are customs designed from 4-8 hours. Typical topics for training include:

  • Maximizing individual productivity
  • Screening new pastor candidates
  • Management audit
  • Senior manager employment screening
  • Transitioning workforce to new products/services
  • Enhancing team building
  • Weekend retreat for pastors and staff
  • Annual conference for a denomination’s regional pastors

IDAK Individual Manager, Executive or Pastor Assessment

In attempting to advance a TEAM work culture, occasionally there can be personnel conflicts which need resolving.  IDAK provides individual assessments that assist the senior manager or board in evaluating core issues of a performance problem and can recommend steps for resolving the issue.  In instances where a resolution is unsuccessful, IDAK also can provide outplacement services. (See IDAK Outplacement Services.)

IDAK Organizational Management Audit

This audit provides an in-depth assessment of each senior manager, department head or key pastoral staff. Audit includes the person’s aptitude strengths as well as job description. Results are provided in a MAX Report for the individual as well as that person’s senior report. Audit focuses on providing a balanced TEAM so that each manager has job duties which match his/her innate natural talent strengths.

IDAK Outplacement Services

When it appears that a manager or senior contributor does not appear to fit your organization’s vision or goals, IDAK provides a complete, employment transition service to assist that individual to get a new job. Services are pro-rated according to weeks/months of consultation requested.

MAX and MAX Prime Reports

The Max Report and MAX Prime (Spanish) Report are popular online assessment services. The most common application is for employment screening and church pastoral candidate screening. A total of 86 traits are tested which include Character, Temperament/Personality and Natural Talent traits. These instruments are simple to use as all the exercises are online. Reports are emailed within 2-3 days after completion. To request the MAX, one can attend a 4-hour training seminar to be certified to interpret results for one’s personnel. IDAK also offers a one-hour telephone report interpretation which does not require training certification. To view a sample MAX report, click here Using FireFox to view sample? If you don’t have pdf’s set to open in a new tab, look for the download arrow in the browser bar top right to download and save the pdf. Other browsers (Chrome, MS Edge and Safari) do open in a new tab by default with the pdf. If you have been asked to complete a MAX Report, go to to register. To register for the MAX Prime go to

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