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Maximize your team by maximizing the strengths of each team member.

Maximize the TEAM cooperation and interdependence of your workplace through IDAK’s training and assessment resources. We help business owners, HR professionals, pastors and churches with hiring, management screening, performance auditing and outplacement services to produce a highly efficient workforce team.

Neil A.

The IDAK process is life changing. After trying numerous other instruments, I discovered IDAK 10 years ago. Unlike the others, this assessment brought logic, clarity, understanding and direction to my life and career.

Leslie N.

As a professional career counselor, I believe the multi dimensional IDAK Career Match is the ultimate in career assessment instruments for the adult client. It is the cornerstone of my Career Counseling practice.

Hellen S.

I used to administer four different tools to accomplish what the (IDAK) Career Match can do better. As a nationally certified career counselor with 12 years experience, I fully endorse the (IDAK) Career Match system as the most comprehensive tool available to create the roadmap for mid career transition.

Dr. Mike H.

This (IDAK) system is at least 2-5 years ahead of anything I have seen.

Elaine C.

I have been riding on a bicycle, this is the jet plane of career assessment.

Steve R.

I felt this to be an outstanding product worth 100 times the price.

Marshall K.

First rate and high quality, excellent, excellent.

Nelson Malwitz

The IDAK career services work especially well for those who are switching careers, such as from a marketplace career to ministry. Everyone who goes through the IDAK training speaks very highly of the outcome.

Chuck Kelley

Exposure to John Bradley’s thinking and style to changed my attitude. As a result of the assessment process, I felt better equipped to eliminate some options and to pursue others with a sense of confidence. The ministry choice I have made matches who I am and what I do best.

Jim Zorn

Within a short time John Bradley’s program gave me renewed confidence that, indeed, there was life after professional football. I was encouraged by the discovery of unrecognized strengths and expectant as a new direction began to unfold.


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Case Studies

Daniel’s business is one of the top 10 dental labs on the west coast. In addition to seeking continuous business growth, He wanted to increase the productivity of his personnel and managers by hiring the right people as well as matching them to the right job. He also wanted to give priority to his family members and siblings to find a place in the business. Daniel planned his growth by experimenting with new technology, new case delivery systems and also with the acquisition of dental labs in other cities. IDAK provided for Daniel’s company a standardized approach to aptitude assessment applied to screening new hires, especially identifying lab technicians who had the talent but lacked previous experience. IDAK also completed a management audit to assess each manager to ensure the right job fit. For his older family members, IDAK provided individual assessments to determine their compatibility with the company’s work culture and values as well as best job fit. For each prospective corporate acquisition, IDAK provided an evaluation of the business owner and his/her projected compatibility with Daniel’s standards of quality and time efficiency. IDAK provided for Derrick a solid foundation to evaluate new hires, to grow each person to their fullest capability and also to provide a fair process for family members to join the business.
– Daniel – Owner Dental Labs

Patti’s Northwest division of an international computer hardware company was hit with a plant closure. Approximately 200 employees, many with over 15 years with the company were to be terminated.  Patti had contracted IDAK’s assistance in previous projects. She called and asked if we would help each person find a new home, she wanted the very best for each of her loyal personnel. She wanted assistance over a 6 month period. IDAK structured multiple levels of job transition and career advancement outplacement services, including a job posting drop-in center, continuous resume and interview prep seminars along with individual coaching sessions. For some individuals, the desire was to make a major career change to another field where the person lacked any work experience. IDAK’s team of professionals provided the technology, materials and staff needed to make a smooth transition for every person.
– Patti – Plant Manager, International Hardware Company

Bob and Fred owned a national distribution company which sold and shipped welding equipment and supplies. Their business was build to self starter sales personnel. For years they had struggled to find a way to predict successful sales talent for a very competitive market. Bob and Fred contacted IDAK to inquire about our new hire screening process. After a pilot screening of a key new hire, IDAK’s services became the standard for all final hiring decisions. Over time, the home office general manager requested retirement. IDAK was contracted to screen finalist candidates to identify the best person who would fit the corporate home office culture as well as continue to be the head coach for the national sales team. IDAK’s aptitude assessment helped make a difference for the strength and continuity of Bob and Fred’s company.
– Bob and Fred – Owners, Distribution Company

Matt was the HR director for a workmen’s comp. insurance company. A new president was hired and given the mandate to lead a major overall of several departments including the sales department, IT and claims departments. Matt contracted with IDAK to assist with this large corporate re-organization project spanning over 9 months. IDAK provided the assessment services for individuals in the named departments to determine who would be a good fit for the future restructuring plan. Over 50 sales personnel, sales managers and claims employees were individually assessed and coached for new job descriptions. Each individual and manager was awarded the very best of assistance to compete for the new positions being designed. Those who did not continue with the company were provided with IDAK outplacement assistance to find new employment in their field of choice. IDAK’s service equipped Matt with the tools he needed to take care of the long term employees who were being displaced by the company’s reorganization.
– Matt – HR Director, Insurance Company

David and Bill developed an unusual partnership in their thirties. David was a genius in designing plastic inject mould tools, Bill was a master at selling refrigerators to Eskimos. The two together built an incredible and profitable international business. As time evolved, both began to look for additional management talent to help run the company. Each had attempted to find their own style of department head, but were frustrated with the results. Bill couldn’t find quite the right sales talent to do the job just the way he did. Dave struggled to clone his genius for tooling design. IDAK was contracted to assist in establishing a norm for hiring and for identifying management talent. After completing a management audit, Dave and Bill better understood the key department heads which they needed to affirm and those who needed to be replaced with managers better suited to the job of a growing and dynamic company. Over time, a new general manager was hired and new sales personnel. IDAK provided the shoulder to shoulder support for David and Bill to ensure that all key hires met the same standards of job performance expectations. IDAK also assisted in helping resolve job performance conflicts for key personnel. For Dave and Bill, IDAK help give them a trusted screening process for their key hires to grow their business.
– Bill and David – Business Partners, International Manufacturing and Sales