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Are you feeling a lack of fulfillment in your present job? Are you searching for something with more meaning and purpose?

Since 1980 we have assisted more than 35,000 individuals in the U.S. and Canada to explore new, more fulfilling, careers. We have helped them find opportunities for ministry and community service which match their interests and values. Our many years of experience and satisfied clients have taught us that two priorities are necessary to identify your ideal sweet spot.

First, it has to be something you like and value so that your work has meaning and purpose.

Second, it has to be something you are naturally hard wired to do. Our Mid-Career Advancement services can provide a solution to your search for fulfillment.

The first step begins with a contact from you where you tell us what is not working for you and then what your future vision might look like. From there we can draw from our near exhaustible database of options how to best assist you to discover realistic, obtainable pathways

Mid Career Services

IDAK Mid-Career Advancement Assessment (Approx 2 weeks)

This service is focused on identifying your primary passion for meaningful work along with your innate hard wiring. The core is our Career Match Assessment which matches your attributes to over 60,000 career, ministry and non-profit options.  Testing is combined with personalized counseling (in office or by telephone) to help you maximize your full potential and make the most of your next life chapter. All your best matches are numerically coded so as to link up with websites which list employers in your local area.

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IDAK Job Search Services (4-8 weeks)

Our IDAK Job Search is based upon your individual needs and is facilitated through a one-on-one coaching and training experience. You receive a Job Search Handbook with at home learning exercises and 14 audio instructional CDs which complement your weekly office/telephone sessions. Offered in four-week and eight-week instructional sessions. Our specialty is coaching for positions where a person has no experience by finding the hidden jobs which are filled before they are ever listed.

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IDAK Complete Job Search Service (10 Weeks)

This is our most comprehensive counselor-guided service. It combines our extensive Career Assessment Service (two weeks) with eight additional weeks of job search coaching. Includes a Job Search Handbook with 14 audio instructional CDs which cover resume preparation, interview preparation, development of employer contact list, setting appointments, negotiating offers and more. Our specialty is coaching you to find positions where a person has no prior experience by finding the hidden jobs which are filled before they are ever listed. All best matches are numerically coded so as to link up with websites which list employers in your local area.

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IDAK Career Match™ Self-Administered Kit (Mid Career)

This budget priced service is ideal for finding your interests, values and natural talents then matches them against 60,000 career options. You save the cost of a professional counselor. The key feature is our IDAK Career Match which evaluates your interests, values and natural talents and matches them to 60,000 career options, selecting the ten which fit you best. A Flash Drive provides audio instruction which substitutes for a counselor’s individual guidance. All best matches are numerically coded so as to link up with websites which list employers in your local area.

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Job Hunting Tips Podcasts and Whitepaper

We have saved over 30 podcasts in a radio talk show format (see Website Home Page Tab Resources-Free) which cover most every aspect of job hunting, interviewing and resume preparation. This is more than the advice you get elsewhere about applying for jobs as it features the strategy of finding the hidden jobs which are filled before they ever get posted.

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Case Studies

Mike was a recent Portland, Oregon college graduate with a degree in journalism. He had been unsuccessful in getting a job and for two years met expenses by house painting contract work. His talent for writing was confirmed by his aptitude testing. Among the several writing outlets he considered, magazine publishing was on the top three list. Within three months he secured a hidden job, full time writing position with a prominent magazine in Chicago.  
– Mike – Journalist

Jim came to our office having just completed his degree at age 45. He wanted a new career which fulfilled his passion for medical service. His current job as a purchasing agent for a high tech company was at a dead end. After completing his assessment testing and validation research, Jim indicated that he always wanted to be a surgeon, but, did not want to go to medical school. We began research into the medical professional field and discovered that manufacturers of medical supplies, specifically hip joints, required the salesperson to be present in the operating room directing the surgeon during the operation. Jim had found his ideal job without going back to medical school. 
– Jim – Age 45 – Medical Sales

Betty wanted to supplement the family income since recently becoming an empty nester. As a career homemaker, she had a few college courses, but no marketplace work experience. After completing her assessment and validation we discovered that she had a strong potential for sales as well as an interest in the hospitality industry. In two months Betty had discovered a hotel which wanted to expand its market share. This was a hidden job. She made contact, they hired her. Later she found that she had replaced a sales manager who had a master’s degree in marketing.
– Betty – Hospitality Marketing

Denny came to us hoping we could help him. For over ten years he had only been able to secure short term carpentry jobs. He was disillusioned that there could be anything better. After completing his aptitude testing we found a talent for writing and a passion for political advocacy. One of his top ten suggested career goals was a market research analyst for a market research company. Denny researched the field and within 3 months secured a hidden job with one of the largest market research companies in his city.
– Denny, Age 39 – Research Analyst

Ann was released from a very secure job with a large city government department. She was a single mother of three and had only held clerical office positions. After her assessment testing we discovered her aptitude for interior design. She had no college, nor experience in that area with exception of decorating her own home. The potential of being an interior designer fulfilled her passion and directed her to research local home developers. She found a hidden job with one of the most prominent developers in her area who needed an office administrator. After getting the offer, she negotiated her job duties to include interior decorating for the spec homes the developer built.
– Ann – Design Consultant