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The MAX Report is a popular online assessment service. The most common application is for employment screening. A total of 86 traits are tested which include Character, Temperament/Personality and Natural Talent traits. These instruments are simple to use as all the exercises are online. The easy to read reports are emailed directly to the employer within 2-3 days after completion.

A modified version of the MAX Report is the MAX Prime which is used exclusively for ministry cross-cultural leadership assessment applications.

Max Report

To request the MAX Report, an employer should have previously completed a four-hour training seminar. Executives and managers who have not attended the seminar can request the service but will need to pay a surcharge for a one-hour telephone interpretation feedback session with one of our certified counselors.  Registration is begun by the candidate to be assessed. This individual identifies the employer, who is requesting the service and who is paying for the processing fee, by name and email address.


MAX Report

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For ministry cross-cultural assessment,
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MAX Prime

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