IDAK Training Seminars

IDAK Training Seminars are designed to prepare professionals in career management, counseling, human resources and instructors to understand and practice IDAK’s proprietary Career Match systems and the additional skills to support this industry leading resource. All IDAK training is scheduled and led by certified IDAK trainers.

Level I/II Training Seminar

An Introduction to the IDAK Career Match System. The IDAK Career Match System has been recognized as the industry’s most comprehensive and accurate career matching resource. Participants are instructed in the design, theory and application of the IDAK Career Match instrument, including in-depth training in the use of IDAK’s Natural Talent assessment resources.

Applications for your practice. Participants are provided with models of how to utilize the Career Match for use with individuals or with a group seminar setting.  Additionally, the training includes recommendations on how to bill for services.  Typical “packages” for individuals range from one to three billable hours, seminar “packages” range from four to eight billable hours.

Participants are introduced to applications IDAK currently has developed for use with colleges and universities, corporations, outplacement services, career guidance services and ministry service organizations.

Level III Training Seminar

Autobiographical Interview Training. This is an advanced level of training for the serious career management counselor/consultant who wants to develop his/her own interview assessment in addition to using the IDAK Career Match process. Participants learn how to assess Natural Talents by an autobiographical interview process.

  • The Level III Seminar provides participants with five levels of training. These include:
  • The theory of autobiographical interview
  • Video role playing
  • Personal assessment of each seminar participant to provide guidance in their professional practice
  • Live role play for each participant
  • Closed-circuit live video of participant role plays for enhanced individualized training

Applications for your practice. Participants are given models for structuring billable time: one for career counseling and the other for corporate consulting. Billable time ranges from three to seven hours. All applications of this assessment process are one-on-one services.

Level IV Training Seminar

Counselors, educators and coaches who wish to provide job search and resume preparation services, can purchase training, client notebook, and audio CDs for their client or classroom sessions. From its practical daily client coaching, IDAK has developed a 10 week (and longer if needed) packaged service with the curriculum to give a client/student the tools needed to research their best Career Match options, narrow the best to one, develop an employer contact list in their city, prepare a resume, prepare for interviews, search for hidden jobs, best use websites, social media for networking, how to compete for advertised vacancies, and finally, receive and negotiate a job offer. Over twelve hours of CD audio instruction supplement the notebook materials. The audio CDs are professionally recorded and produced so that they are ready to be distributed to one’s clients or students.The audio instructors include  seven professionals:  a psychologist, head hunter, Human Resource Director, three IDAK counselors, and a moderator. Training includes one complete notebook, CD album and two days of IDAK instruction. The training also includes a license agreement to purchase and use additional notebooks and CDs with clients or students.

IDAK Mid-Career Advancement Seminar

The IDAK Mid-Career Advancement Seminar is designed for college and university alumni and association members who are seeking to re-evaluate their career future in order to discover their ideal niche. This seminar offers six hours of extensive training in addition to completing a combination of IDAK Career Match and Natural Talents assessment exercises. These exercises are then evaluated and returned to seminar participants along with a detailed interpretation of their results. The seminar training provides instruction on how to effectively utilize their Career Match results.

This seminar has been featured in colleges, universities, government agencies and fortune 500 corporations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

IDAK Career Advancment Profile Report

The CAP Report (Career Advancement Profile) is an electronic document report format which provides the professional counselor or consultant a simple way to prepare and print a written summary of a client’s assessment results. Included in this format is a license agreement to use IDAK copyrighted talent names and definitions as part of the report. The CAP also includes a MAX Report format which is the organizational counterpart to the CAP. Use of the CAP database and shell formats saves the professional 30 minutes to 1 hour of dictation and typing time to prepare documents for similar applications. This provides a report document to use when giving written feed-back regarding a job performance conflict resolution report, a management audit report or an employment screening report. Purchase of the CAP document database requires Level III certification.

IDAK College Course

IDAK provides a range of college course instruction and materials. This range of instructional assistance begins with two class sessions and can expand to a full quarter or semester 2 credit hour course. IDAK can supply a certified instructor as well as train your campus faculty or staff person and license to your campus to use the student notebook materials. IDAK also has training and materials for instructors who teach distance learning courses.

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