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Career Assessment, Job Search, Outplacement and organizational consulting tools which give you a competitive advantage.

Explore the IDAK Group’s full line of counseling, coaching and training resources for professionals who provide counseling and consulting services in career guidance, outplacement, mid-career advancement counseling, and organizational counseling.


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Case Studies

Martha’s Marriage and Family counseling practice had been lacking a career coaching expertise. She looked for some time to find a process which had integrity and which she could add to her services. She attended our introductory Level I,II and Advanced Level III training. The training gave her the know-how and the confidence to add career assessment to her practice. This new level of skill allowed her to gain a new contract to serve students from a local college/university by providing seminar and individual assessment services. Martha also grew her organizational consulting services to include job performance conflict resolution and new hire candidate screening. All of these new services significantly increased income for her practice.  
– Martha – Marriage and Family Counseling Professional

Mark had a struggling Career Management practice and wanted to separate himself from the local competition. He pursued IDAK training to upgrade his services to clients. In addition, he successfully negotiated a ½ time career advisor position with a local college to service their students and alumni. The combination of upgrading his practice and the steady income from the college gave Mark a stable, fulfilling practice. 
– Mark – Career Management Professional

Claire wanted to improve her outplacement service package. She was seeking a way to compete more successfully with other local and national services. She came to IDAK training requesting help. Our office assisted her with her promotional text and showed her how to provide value added service which was far better than other outplacement services. She gained the advantage of how the results gave her clients access to actual names of companies and organizations in her city. Using the IDAK Career Match gave Claire the edge she needed to grow her business. Several years later, Claire added staff to her office. These were also trained in the use of the IDAK Career Match.
– Claire – Career Counseling Professional

Tom was a career missionary for a large international mission organization. After 20 years in the field, he was asked to join the national office in the HR department and help with personnel issues. Tom found the IDAK Group and requested training which led to the successful pursuit of an internship with IDAK. Tom’s application of his learning about natural talents and ways to assess these aptitudes led to significant contributions for his mission organization benefiting hundreds of managers in resolving performance issues, screening of new candidates and assisting career staff who had completed 20 years of service transition to other career options. Tom also was very instrumental in salvaging many staff who were caught in a poor job fit by re-directing them internally to optimum best fit positions.
– Tom – Personal Consultant for and International Missions Organization

Sarah, a former oil company mid manager, at midlife, decided to pursue a Master’s degree in counseling. In addition to seeking a new direction for herself, she wanted to help others find a new direction. Through her course studies, she learned about the IDAK Group and completed both Introductory and Advanced Training (Levels, I, II, III) After graduating she established her own practice focusing on counseling mid-career adults as well as providing services for corporations, non profits and churches. The IDAK system gave Sarah a complete range of services which she provided for her individual and organizational clients.
– Sarah – Counseling Professional