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Maximize student retention, senior placement and alumni support with IDAK’s seminars and courses.

IDAK can equip your college or seminary to increase student retention and dramatically improve job placement before graduation. IDAK resources can help strengthen your campus’ bond with alumni and also attract second career students.


Case Studies

A large seminary contacted IDAK seeking assistance for the leadership coaching of their students. The seminary was concerned about several graduates who had made poor choices of ministries and were being criticized by their churches and ministry organizations. The president made a bold decision to do everything possible to ensure that every graduate would have proper guidance and accountability regarding their choice of ministry leadership service. IDAK was contracted to develop a three year program of assessment, field education evaluation and final student accountability. The program was also to integrate communication from each student’s academic advisor, dean of student’s office, and field education mentors. IDAK’s services began with department head meetings and several sessions with the president’s cabinet. The final approved program included student coaching for all three years beginning with three hours of individual student assessment with a certified counselor. IDAK screened, trained and certified three counselors at the campus’ location. After the assessment, each student was provided with his/her top 10 matches to research further to determine compatibility. Students were given instruction on how to locate actual ministry organizations and churches which matched their ministry passion and gifting. As each student narrowed the options, he/she was to share their findings with their faculty adviser and ultimately with their IDAK certified coach. The coach became the validation assurance which the seminary president wanted. Each student was then instructed to pursue various levels of field /internship experience. Mentors who supervised the students provided feed-back to the student’s coach using the same nomenclature and traits which matched the original assessments. Upon graduation, each student met with their coach for a final exit interview to present their selected ministry leadership vision. The coach provided written feed-back of his/her opinion regarding the student’s selection. This program has been so successful that it has continued for over 15 years, being modified by new academic deans and significant student growth.
– Seminary President

A new college president was hired to help the school grow its program and student enrollment. He contacted IDAK requesting assistance with upgrading the leadership development program as well as increasing student retention. IDAK recommended training and certification for one of the campus faculty. Once completed, IDAK provided a license agreement for its campus course, use of course materials and power point slides. IDAK also recommended implementation of the Ministry Web Directory for those students seeking ministry leadership. The Ministry Web Directory gave the campus a significant advantage in new vacancy postings as well as internship opportunities. The website also provided a vital link to alumni of the campus helping them with job placement needs. The success of the program helped the president gain confidence from his board as well as strong support for the studentbody. IDAK assisted a new preside to bring a major upgrade for his students in a short period of time.
– College President

A large State University was being criticized by its alumni for not providing sufficient support for its alumni. IDAK was contracted to provide its Mid-Career Advancement seminar to help meet this need. The seminar provided a free first evening to present the basic steps to finding one’s ideal career. At the end of the evening, participants were invited to purchase the seminar. Approximately 80% or more purchased the seminar and took home the IDAK Career Match. One week later, the alumni returned for two additional hours of instruction. The completed Career Match answer booklets were returned. One week later, participants returned to receive their Career match results and to learn how to interpret the reports. Each alumnus was also instructed how to match the results with names of companies and non profits in their city of residence. IDAK assisted also the alumni office to improve their public relations by providing help for those needing a career change.
– State University President

A prominent Bible College was seeking to upgrade its assessment service for students. The president contacted IDAK for assistance. After meetings with the campus leadership council, IDAK recommended a two credit hour career course, supplemented by individual student sessions with the instructors. Any students who appeared to be struggling with their decision making were referred to IDAK trained campus counselors who provided more in-depth coaching and support. The course material was prepared by IDAK and licensed to the campus. Content included aptitude assessment, research of best matches, how to contact organizations and obtain information, how to prepare a resume and how to prepare for job interviews. The course instructor, trained by IDAK commented that after four years the campus experienced a significant improvement in student retention and gave a large portion of the credit to IDAK and its help to those who would otherwise dropped out. IDAK assisted a campus improve it’s student career program as well as increase student retention.
– Bible College President

A midwestern college was seeking to upgrade its career services for its graduate students. One of the graduate school faculty contacted IDAK for assistance. This campus was financially stretched, so it could not afford to pay for IDAK services, the cost would have to be met by the students. IDAK contacted a local IDAK certified counselor to discuss the request. After several conversations, The Mid-Career Advancement seminar was proposed which would be paid directly by the students who wanted the assistance. In addition to the seminar, the counselor was also available to assist with individual sessions on a pay-by-session basis. The seminar was so successful, that it was incorporated into the graduate school’s program, provided in the Fall and Spring terms. After several sessions, the graduate faculty member contacted IDAK requesting training for himself so he could also provide assistance for his campus’ students. IDAK was able to provide important career advancement help for graduate students with no cost to the school.
– College Graduate School Faculty Member