IDAK Mid-Career Advancement Assessment (Approx 2 weeks)

This service is focused on identifying your primary passion for meaningful work along with your innate hard wiring. The core is our Career Match Assessment which matches your attributes to over 60,000 career, ministry and non-profit options.  Testing is combined with personalized counseling (in office or by telephone) to help you maximize your full potential and make the most of your next life chapter. All your best matches are numerically coded so as to link up with websites which list employers in your local area.

IDAK Complete Job Search Service For Seniors (10 Weeks)

This is our most comprehensive counselor-guided service tailored to the needs of near or post retirement individuals. It combines our extensive two week Career Assessment Service with eight additional weeks of job search coaching. Includes a Job Search Handbook and 14 audio instructional CDs with a careful analysis of retirement preferences for schedule flexibility and how to negotiate these in the job search process. Also includes resume preparation, interviews, development of employer contact list, setting appointments, negotiation offers for part time and more. Our specialty is coaching for positions where a person has no experience by finding the hidden jobs which are filled before they are ever listed.