IDAK Complete Job Search Service Ministry (10 Weeks)

This is our most comprehensive counselor-guided service. It combines our extensive Ministry Assessment two week Service with eight additional weeks of job search coaching. Includes a Job Search Handbook along with 14 audio instructional CDs providing resume preparation, interview preparation, development of employer contact list, setting appointments, negotiation offers and more. A key emphasis is how to translate your years of ministry service into an alternative ministry or marketplace position. Our specialty is coaching for positions where a person has no experience by finding the hidden jobs which are filled before they are ever listed.

This is IDAK’s most comprehensive counselor-guided service.  Each appointment is facilitated one-on-one by a certified counselor (office/phone).   It begins with our extensive Mid-Career Assessment Service. This is followed by eight consecutive weeks of job search coaching including resume preparation, interview training, development of employer contact list, tutoring for cold calling in setting appointments and negotiation offers.  Each appointment focuses on a separate topic which is led by a certified counselor.  Each topic is also supplemented with thorough instructions by use of audio CDs, self-administered exercises, role plays, example interviews and resume how-to’s. Service features include:

Step 1: – Finding Your Calling

(approximately 2 weeks)

In this first step, you receive testing to identify your innate skills, your interests, values, and personality traits. These supplement your education and work experience. You receive the 10 best career options from over 90,000 possibilities, finalized to the top three. This step is the same as the Mid-Career Advancement Assessment.

  • IDAK Career Match™ system assessment.
  • Autobiographical Interview™ assessment.
  • Evaluation of assessment results
  • Confirmation of assessment results.
  • Coaching of spouse (if applicable)

Step 2: – Finding Your Job – Research

(Step Two – 8 weeks)

We coach you in researching your top recommended career options so that you can select your most preferred organization and job position. If you decide to make a career change, this research preparation is essential to validate your new direction. If you wish to continue in your present occupation, this portion will take less time. Weekly office/telephone sessions are supplemented by audio CD instructional training exercises.

  • Research of “new” or unknown options.
  • Evaluation of entrance requirements.
  • Confirmation of best fit essentials.
  • Analysis of industry growth and stability.

Step 3: – Finding Your Job – The Job Hunt

(Continuation of 8 weeks)

We instruct, coach and prepare a personalized job search campaign for your chosen career goal (city/state anywhere in the U.S.). Emphasis is on developing an in-depth search in a chosen career target as well as responding to publicly advertised vacancies. Your training will include two levels of instruction and coaching:  Basic and Advanced. Weekly office/telephone sessions are supplemented by audio CD instructional training exercises.

Basic Job Search Training:

  • Competing for posted vacancies
  • Developing your Employer Contact List
  • Best sources for internet job leads
  • Preparing for interview questions
  • Getting past the secretary and screening committee
  • Developing your resume
  • Cold calling employers
  • Tailoring your image to the job
  • Job offers negotiating
  • Networking skills
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Assessment of your marketable skills
  • Wardrobe recommendations

Advanced Job Search Training:

  • Finding hidden, unadvertised jobs
  • Developing employer contact lists
  • Setting telephone appointments
  • Evaluating growing companies
  • Negotiating opportunities into offers
  • Scanning news sources and internet for information
  • Negotiating your offer
  • Coaching your friends and acquaintances to give you leads
  • Tailoring your image to the job
  • Assessment of your marketable skills
  • Wardrobe recommendation