IDAK Career Advancement Assessment College (Approx. 2 weeks)

This service is ideal for recent graduates who have sampled different jobs but haven’t found that perfect fit. It features our Career Match Assessment testing and personalized counseling to help you define your occupational passion as well as maximize your innate hard wiring. Your attribute strengths are matched to over 60,000 options selecting the ten which fit you best. All best matches are numerically coded so as to link up with websites which list employers in your local area.

Some clients contact IDAK with a clear description of their career goal. They ask for help in their job search, how to be more competitive, how to find the hidden jobs. The IDAK Job Search is based upon the client’s individual needs and is facilitated through a one-on-one coaching and training experience. There are no group sessions. Each client receives take-home learning exercises and audio instructional CDs which complement the weekly office sessions. We have both four-week and eight-week instructional sessions.

We guide you to develop a personalized job search campaign for your chosen career target for the city/state of your choice (anywhere in the U.S.).   Emphasis is on developing an in-depth search in a chosen career target as well as responding to publicly advertised vacancies. Your training will include two levels of instruction:  Basic and Advanced.

Basic Job Search Training:

  • Networking with friends and acquaintances
  • Developing your Employer Contact List
  • Best sources for internet job leads
  • Responding to vacancy ads
  • Preparing for interview questions
  • Getting past the secretary and screening committee
  • Developing your resume
  • Cold calling employers
  • Wardrobe analysis
  • Job offer negotiating

Advanced Job Search Training:

  • How to locate the hidden, unadvertised jobs
  • Setting telephone appointments
  • Evaluating growing companies
  • Negotiating opportunities into offers
  • Wardrobe analysis
  • Scanning news sources and internet for information
  • Coaching your friends and acquaintances to help you

Both the four-week and the eight-week service include the complete take home training materials. The eight-week version provides four additional weeks of service.