John Bradley M. Div., D.H.L.

John Bradley M. Div., D.H.L.

Profile Summary:

  • IDAK Founder 1980, counselor and trainer
  • Telephone and Office Sessions
  • Executives and Managers
  • Ministry Leaders
  • Pastors
  • Boomers
  • Mid-Career Advancement
  • Re-entry workers

Location: Portland, Oregon

Biography:  Since 1980 I have served well over 30,000 clients, hundreds of companies, government agencies, and nonprofits. We have trained over 900 counselors, campus professors, HR directors and psychologists. Our training has been approved for graduate credit. Among our trainees, three have completed doctoral dissertations focusing exclusively on our research and assessment of natural talents. In 2003 I was awarded a Career Management Certificate from the International Board for Career Management Certification. In 2009 I received a Doctorate of Humane Letters from Faith Evangelical Seminary.

From our list of trained counselors, I have personally selected 12 professionals who have exceeded our training standards and also proven themselves over many years and many client assessments. Please read each of their bio summaries and select the ones where you sense a personal affinity. Each cares deeply and sincerely about helping others advance to their highest level of career mastery.

I have attempted to also select counselors who represent a wide range of past work life experiences as well as a connection with special population groups. If you represent a special occupational, ethnic, cultural or racial group, please forgive me if I haven’t selected a counselor from your heritage. For myself, I am both Anglo and a native Latino/Hispanic, born and raised in Brazil. I have fair Portuguese and Spanish language skills, yet prefer to counsel in English. Among our counselors are several who have lived and worked internationally, specifically in Africa, East Asia, and Canada. We have also identified a cross-cultural natural talent which can easily adapt to most any culture. At least half of our preferred counselors appear to have that trait. If you are a boomer, we have you covered.

Each counselor bio provides a way for you to communicate directly with that person to discuss your career advancement needs. Each counselor operates his/her own counseling service. For some, such as me, their counseling is their full-time work. For others, their counseling is one of several hats they wear as they work with leaders and professionals. Each has agreed to provide a core basic career advancement assessment using our premier IDAK Career Match.

Each counselor’s minimum service is roughly 3-4 hours which takes approximately two weeks. Some provide office as well as telephone sessions, while others prefer to only use the telephone. Each has his/her own fee structure which is independent of IDAK. These men and women are not affiliated, under contract or employed by the IDAK group. They are independent practitioners, graduates of IDAK Advanced training and are doing very good work.

As their trainer and continuing coach, I commend them to you.

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