Changing Careers?

Host: John Bradley
Guest Host: George Dutch

What holds most people back is the myth of no work experience as a qualification for getting the dream job. Well, there is a bit of truth in the myth. If you don’t feel competent and are not a professional actor, you will come across like a wet noodle. It’s not about positive thinking and strong determination. It is all about finding the person who has your dream job and making sure that your image of the position is realistic. It is also all about understanding what it takes to do the core duties of the position. Your intuition should tell you whether you have the hard wiring to do the job. We call those intuitive traits Natural Talents. You have had these as early as high school and they have been growing with you since then. These talents are what will make you successful in that position, not previous experience or education. They are the savvy, the “touch”, the insight, the “I get it”. And, even better, each year these talents improve job performance by at least 10% without your even trying to push it. Listen to how many like you have done it.

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