Before You Accept The Offer

Host: John Bradley
Guest Host: Peter DePaoli

You got it, but before you celebrate you need to look under the carpet and in the closet. During the interviewing process, you were focused on trying to present your strengths to prove that you would be an asset to the organization. Now that you have the offer, you have a one-time opportunity to evaluate the organization and ask some difficult questions. Are you sure that your boss is a safe person to work for and doesn’t have a temper or dictatorial problem? It is important that you find this out.  The broadcast explains how to do it in a polite, professional way.  Perhaps the salary or benefits were less than you anticipated. Learn the simple basics of how to ask for more without being confrontational or sounding like a chiseler. This is one of the most important discussions you will ever have regarding your new job. Be prepared.

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