Returning To The Work Force

Host: John Bradley
Guest Host: George Dutch

How do you explain a long absence from work? Most everyone has had a voluntary time out, such as raising a family, or a long term of unemployment.  This time gap is a key issue that cannot be hidden on a resume in some cover up cleverness. The simple key to overcoming this hurdle is to make face-to-face contact with an employer and explain the nature of your work absence. Leaving the workforce to raise a family is a perfectly honorable reason not to be working out of the home for 15-20 years. However, an employer has learned that the work skills you once had, and even your work ethic may not be what they used to be. Start with referrals of people you know to request a meeting.  During this meeting you should explain your reason for being out of work and your reason for wanting to return to work.

An excellent next topic to discuss is research you have recently done concerning the occupation you are interested in and how well the basics of that position fit your strengths.  Remember that 80% of positions are filled before they are ever posted so making appointments with referrals from friends will pay off.

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