Overcoming Lack Of Experience

Host: John Bradley
Guest Host: Peter DePaoli

Can you really get that job without minimum qualifications? Yes you can; and much simpler than you realize. Classic success stories are shared in this broadcast to illustrate the core principles of how-to-do-it. The search begins with establishing a realistic career goal, not by seeing a vacancy ad and trying to beat out the competition. Once a position is posted, there will be two classes of candidates in the front of the pack: Those who know someone on the inside and those who are currently employed in that very position and want a change.  How can you compete with those? You can’t. Don’t sign up for that race; you will lose. But you can win the race by finding that very special position before it gets posted. You can focus your effort on establishing a relationship with the manager who oversees the position you want before anything is posted. There is a 25% turnover in the labor force every year. That means if you contact 12 managers, three of them will be hiring for the position you want in the next year. Now is the time to develop those relationships so that as the economy advances, you are in the first chair for the next position. Listen to the stories of those who have done this and have succeeded.

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