Avoiding 5 Factors of Job Obsolescence

Host: John Bradley
Guest Host: Linda Baugh

What if you are considering a position that will disappear in the next 6 months or next 3 years? In today’s labor market there are several factors which are turning the security of jobs upside down. These factors are the slow economy, multiple layoffs, high unemployment, and corporate outsourcing of jobs overseas. To stay employed and provide income security for you and your family, a job seeker needs to take a couple of extra steps to investigate a new opportunity. Here are the five basic factors to research:

  1. How is the organization surviving the economy?
  2. Are there new foreign competitors providing better products/services at a lower cost?
  3. Have any recent government regulations created financial hurdles for the organization?
  4. Has the organization recently lost market share or experienced loss of growth in the last 3 years?
  5. Are there any new technology advances which change the nature of the organization’s industry?

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