Secrets of Cold Calling 101

Host: John Bradley
Guest Host: Peter DePaoli

If you are planning to be employed in 3 months, you will need to pro-actively contact employers. However, the idea of cold calling is as intimidating as giving a speech in front of an audience. After 40 years of coaching job seekers, I have found that few clients like to contact a stranger.  If few do this, you have an advantage over 95% of job seekers if you can develop a low threat way to contact employers. But don’t do cold calling; it does not work. It wears you out and employers don’t like it. So, don’t do it. But what does work is “warm” calling. Warm calling is contacting a person who knows a mutual acquaintance, someone who knows someone you know. That’s much easier to do. There are basic positive approaches to setting up exploratory job search appointments.  These approaches have worked for many, many clients.

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