Healing the Pain of Job Loss

Host: John Bradley
Guest Host: Tom Board

If you were unfairly terminated years ago, or this cruel attack on your self-esteem just happened, it is essential that you process the pain and get healed before you can expect to have a successful job search.  Unless you process the pain, those feelings of loss will come back and undermine your ability to establish a trust bond with a new employer. Subliminal feelings of depreciation and disappointment can creep into your interview conversation projecting a tone of caution, or worse, of hostility. Have you ever talked to a person who is still recovering from a nasty divorce? Have you heard the sharp barb that makes the person hard to be around?  Being unfairly terminated is not that dissimilar to being terminated in a marriage. Learning to process those feelings of a wrong doing begins with understanding the root issue of the loss. Counselor Tom Board provides wise guidance learned from over 20 years of helping individuals process loss and disappointment. In addition to understanding the loss, one needs to begin building back a positive self-esteem by identifying key accomplishments in one’s employment history. Lastly, the job seeker needs to identify one or more questions which might reveal a past hurt and develop adequate responses.

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