Job Offer Negotiating

Host: John Bradley
Guest Host: Linda Baugh

Have a good night’s sleep by successfully negotiating your offer. Too many clients just take the job offer with no questions. That is very sad, since there are several future complications which could be avoided. The most common is the adjustment to a new work culture. Not every employer is easy to work for. Some employers should be avoided no matter how good the job appears to be. It most certainly is proper to ask permission to speak to a person who reports to your future boss to learn about the working conditions.  But, only do this after you have been given an offer. A diplomatic question to the five-year colleague could be: How would you summarize the manager’s good features; how would you describe features which frustrate you?  Then there is the issue of compensation. Perhaps the offer was too low. Learn how the experts coach you to calmly, without any stress, ask for more money.

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