Finding Hidden Jobs

Host: John Bradley
Guest Host: George Dutch

Any serious job hunter needs to know where to look to discover jobs which are not posted. Over 80% of employment opportunities are filled before they are ever posted. Think of the times you have obtained an “inside” tip about a position through a friend, neighbor or former colleague. Hidden jobs exist because employers are reluctant to open their doors to a stranger. A job seeker who knows someone inside the organization provides for the employer a valuable insight into a candidate’s work ethic, honesty, and character. These traits are very important in predicting a good employee; yet, they are difficult to determine during an interview. Having a connection with a person on the inside who is willing to endorse you, provides an employer some assurance that you fit the work culture of the organization. Hidden jobs are also the specialty of smart employers who realize that good people are rarely available when a need arises. Therefore, smart managers are always on the lookout for good talent whenever it expresses an interest in the organization.

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