Transitioning From A For-Profit To A Non-Profit Employer

Host: John Bradley
Guest Host: Tom Board

Many have made the switch. Some have succeeded. Let’s learn from those who succeeded. First, they did their research to understand the new work culture. Non-profit organizations are not focused on making money; they are much more relational in terms of work personnel as well as services provided. Being too task driven so as to overlook feelings and concern for others can make for a poor transition. Meeting with someone who works for the organization is a good way to test the water.  Volunteering for the organization to learn about its vision and culture is helpful. Expect that the employer may be interested in your personal feelings, goals, aspirations, as well as your ability to do the job. It is reasonable to assume that some non-profits may have been burned by a person with an agenda to set things right; and, therefore, may be cautious about your motives.

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