Answering Tough Interview Questions

Host: John Bradley
Guest Host: Tom Board

Sure, you have prepared for questions about your work experience, but what about questions regarding your long range goals, your future income projections, your greatest weaknesses, your future education and how well you work under pressure? There are many of these types of questions employers may ask, but there are three which you should nail down and rehearse. Most of my clients are not professional actors, so they can’t sound polished just because they know a subject well. Knowing about something and then being able to explain it clearly are two different brain functions. Prepare an outline of what you want to say; then rehearse it out loud. To ensure that you are giving it your best, record your answers and then play them back. Keep repeating this process until you have it just right.  Then you can relax because being prepared with rehearsed answers will add polish and self-confidence.  Here are two very important questions which count for 50% or more in value.

  1. Why are you interested in this position (in our organization)?
  2. How did your last position prepare you for this position?

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