What Questions To Avoid Answering

Host: John Bradley
Guest Host: George Dutch

Yes, there are questions which will screen you out before you have a chance to tell your story. Avoid answering these questions until you have an offer.

The first question is: What type of income are you expecting, how much did you make in your previous position or what salary will it take to get you interested in working for us? All of these questions are trying to determine a price tag for you as a future employee. You can’t win.  You will be either too high or too low.  It is only after the employer decides you are the one for the job, there is motivation to try and find a reasonable figure to gain your acceptance. In the meantime when asked about finances, you will need to diplomatically defer the question.

Another question to avoid answering is anything to do with expected benefits such as medical coverage, vacation, car allowance, bonuses and the like. If you start discussing these issues before an employer feels that you fit the job, you can fall into the trap of pushing “what’s in it for me” rather than how you can help the company meet its goals.

If you were recently terminated, a wrong way to start an interview is discussing the reasons why you were let go. You must develop a smooth way to defer the question so you can talk about your strengths and why you are interested in the position.

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