Transforming the Value of College Education

For many of us facing the high cost of college or graduate education, there is a sense of despair. Is it really smart to get a degree or an advanced degree without any assurance of a better job?

Well, there is a significant value you can add to your academic pursuit which will almost guarantee you a “perfect job”. This incredible value is only available to you as a student, as a person enrolled in a campus course. It is called internship. No, not the traditional internships you find in the career office to satisfy a course requirement. I mean an internship doing what you want to do after graduation in the organization you want to work for.

Sound too good to be true? Well, follow me for a few sentences. We begin the journey by knowing all the companies, government agencies or non profits which meet the description of your career goal. At this point, perhaps ½ of you reading this blog may say, but I don’t know my goal or how to get that list. Well, let’s assume you do know the how. The next step is to find out the requirements within your campus for developing your own customized internship opportunity. Who will be the supervising faculty, what are the requirements which the employer needs to meet?

The next step is to begin setting appointments with employers, the directors or department heads who would oversee your internship position. Now, don’t go to the person who has your job, but go to that person’s boss. The boss is the one who will hire you, so start there.  When you meet, you state that you are exploing a future internship opportunity do XYZ with this specific type of company/organization. You ask if this would be a possibility. At this point be prepared to explain your passion and your attributes.

After visiting with several organizations, hopefully, you should have several internship offers. Now, here is the key part. Not until you receive the offer do you ask if there might be an opportunity after you have completed the intenship. If you ask before, the offer you will have very few employers interested.

By the way, for those of you who have been unemployed for some time, this can work for you as well. You just need to enroll in one community college course which fits your career goal and start knocking on doors.

I have seen this work for clients. You can do it.