IDAK Career Match Assessment System

What is so unique about the IDAK Career Match system?
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Your interests, values and natural talents matched to over 90,000 career options.

The IDAK Career Match Assessment System is IDAK’s premier assessment and career matching instrument. It has been recognized as the industry’s most comprehensive and in-depth system. Career Match evaluates aptitudes in three distinct areas; interests, values and natural talents. Most other systems evaluate on only one or two of these aptitude categories. These aptitudes are then cross-matched against more than 90,000 career options. The top ten matches are featured, including organization descriptions as well as recommended job titles within those organizations. The results are pre-coded to facilitate a link to an exhaustive list of compatible names of companies and organizations in your city. This data is updated on a weekly basis.

You can purchase the IDAK Career Match three ways:

  1. As part of our ten-week Complete Job Search Service.
  2. As part of our Mid-Career Advancement Service and Ministry Search Assessment.
  3. As part of our Self-Administered Kit. Contact our office for a personalized list of fees and service features.

IDAK Career Match Samples

The IDAK Career Match instrument includes the following: An Exercise booklet and answer booklet, an Aptitude Summary Report, a Career Match Report and an Employer Search Guide booklet for matching the results to names of companies and organizations in your city. Click below to view samples.

Download the IDAK Career Match Samples (PDF, 17.3 MB)

  • Natural Talents ThumbnailExercise/Answer Booklets: The Natural Talent assessment included with this system identifies a person’s innate natural talents which are different from learned work skills or educational knowledge. These are your most powerful career advancement aptitudes.
  • Aptitude Summary ThumbAptitude Summary Report: This extensive report provides individualized graphs for 54 natural talent evaluations and a prioritized list of values and work priorities. These are then used to identify the 10 best career options and job positions or duties.
  • Career Match ThumbCareer Match Report: This report features your ten best career matches from over 90,000 possibilities. It identifies companies and organizations which are numerically coded to match employer directories in cities of your choosing. This report also provides up to five job titles for each organization.
  • Employer Search ThumbEmployer Search Guide: This is a reference directory designed to help you locate employer’s names, addresses and contact information in your city which correspond to your Career Match Reports. This directory also includes a guide to conduct research surveys of occupations you wish to pursue in depth.