The IDAK Ministry Search Assessment

Make the Most of Your Second Half

The IDAK Mid-Career Advancement Assessment can be oriented specifically for adults desiring a transition into greater or full-time ministry service. For many adults, after the responsibilities of raising their families subside, they seek to make a greater impact in people’s lives. This system has helped literally thousands of people of faith take their existing passions, vocational strengths and God-given talents and transfer them to a meaningful ministry in a church or ministry organization application.

Our range of ministry positions exceeds 20,000. We test not only your interests, talents and values, but also your temperament strengths.

Counseling is provided over the phone or in our office in two, 90-minute sessions.

You receive a complete list of your aptitude strengths, your top 10 recommended career options and the IDAK Employer Search Guide. The Employer Search Guide helps you locate ministry organizations, which match the report results, in your city, state or nation. This service is recommended for any individual 45 years of age or older.

  • IDAK Career Match™ system assessment
  • Autobiographical Interview™ assessment
  • Evaluation of assessment results
  • Confirmation of assessment results
  • Coaching of spouse (if applicable)