Level III Training Seminar

Autobiographical Interview Training. This is an advanced level of training for the serious career management counselor/consultant who wants to develop his/her own interview assessment in addition to using the IDAK Career Match process. Participants learn how to assess Natural Talents by an autobiographical interview process.

  • The Level III Seminar provides participants with five levels of training. These include:
  • The theory of autobiographical interview
  • Video role playing
  • Personal assessment of each seminar participant to provide guidance in their professional practice
  • Live role play for each participant
  • Closed-circuit live video of participant role plays for enhanced individualized training

Applications for your practice. Participants are given models for structuring billable time: one for career counseling and the other for corporate consulting. Billable time ranges from three to seven hours. All applications of this assessment process are one-on-one services.