IDAK Career Match™ Self-Administered Kit

Your ideal career possibilities revealed. The IDAK Career Match is a computer scored assessment tool which evaluates your career interests and values along with your natural talents. The assessment results then are matched to over 90,000 career options including ministry service, business, industry, government agencies, military departments, education and nonprofit organizations. It even includes an Employer Search Guide to help connect you with career and employment opportunities in cities of your choice.

You receive two detailed printout spreadsheet reports along with an Employer Search Guide to help you locate organizations in your city which match the report results. (It takes approximately 6-8 hours for completion. Allow time to mail in answer booklet for computer scoring).

The printout reports list your aptitude results and list your top 10 recommended career matches. Your interpretation of your spread sheet reports is enhanced by an audio step by step guide (Flash Drive) to help you with the interpretation of your results. This tool does not include any counseling or advisement of your results by a counselor. This self service process is very valuable to help discover your full range of career possibilities. It is recommended for students or recent graduates with no work conflict issues to resolve. It is not recommended for individuals who are attempting to resolve a current job problem (such as stress, boredom or lack of advancement). It is also not recommended for unemployed individuals seeking a new direction for their job search. This self service can be upgraded to either Full Service Options: Mid-Career Advancement Assessment or IDAK Complete Job Search.