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Has your passion for serving others begun to lose its joy?

Do you feel like your leadership potential is not moving forward? Have you been transitioned out due to circumstances beyond your control? Since 1980 we have assisted thousands of pastors, missionary couples, and ministry leaders transition from a stressful position to one of fulfillment and purpose. We have also assisted students in seminaries and Bible colleges discover their best-fit ministry possibilities. We can assist you to rediscover that inspiration to serve, which also matches your innate strengths. Perhaps you are seeking a new direction in business, government service or non-profit occupations. We can help transfer your accomplishments into most any work culture you select. It begins with a contact from you to tell us how you would like us to help.

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Case Studies

Don, a church denomination executive was responsible for his denomination’s church growth and church plants. He contacted IDAK asking if we could help with their church plant assessment. He stated that there existed a 70% failure of new church plants after five years. Could we help improve that low success statistic? Also, the denomination was loosing millions of dollars on these failed starts in addition to the emotional trauma for each pastor and wife along with the congregation. We recommended a training program which would equip each of the 35 church districts with a proven interview process which would identify future church planters. We began with a pilot training session for twelve hand picked district superintendents. The training included actual assessments of church plant candidates viewed live on close circuit TV. The twelve hand picked superintendents succeeded in applying the instruction. After twenty years of continued training for all district superintendents, IDAK was informed that a recent survey reported that 70% of the denomination’s church plants were successful. This was quite a success story as it demonstrated IDAK’s ability to teach its assessment principles to non assessment professionals with positive measurable results.
– DonDenomination Executive

Denny had been appointed as national president of a Youth Ministry Organization. He had established key goals for the future of the ministry and wanted to initiate some major organizational changes. In order to launch his plan, he needed a clear perspective as to the future potential of his present department heads. Could these seasoned men and women perform just as well, or better, in the new job descriptions he was planning for them? IDAK was contacted to assist with this organizational transition challenge. After meeting with the president to learn about his organizational development goals, a schedule of executive team and department head group assessment sessions were planned. These were followed up with individual sessions. Each individual was provided with guidelines on how to meet with the president and to explain the match of their strengths with their future job description. For those who did not feel there was a match, they were assisted in proposing alternative possibilities within the national ministry. If there were no possible fits, the president contracted IDAK to provide outplacement assistance. IDAK assisted this ministry in providing an honorable way to re-direct its seasoned leaders to new positions of service both within and woutside of the organization.
– Denny – President, Youth Ministry Organization

Neil had over 20 years of ministry leadership with a national campus ministry. In his years of service, he had advanced to the position of regional director. He felt that he wanted to start his own consulting firm, primarily focusing on leadership development. Neil contacted IDAK to learn about our talent assessment systems. After completing the training and achieving certification, he directed the majority of his work to empower men and women to maximize their strengths in ministry leadership positions. Much of Neil’s work was with his former ministry organization, providing job performance conflict resolution, ministry assessment for new hires and ministry re-direction for mid-term leaders. IDAK’s training and assessment tools provided Neil a way that he could serve men and women to pursue the full potential of their God given talents.
– Neil – Consultant Campus Ministries

A large church located in a major Southwestern city wanted to develop a ministry outreach to its community’s business professionals. The heart of the proposed program was to be a career assessment center which would empower business professionals with the coaching they needed to identify optimum jobs. The church contacted IDAK and requested training for the new center director they had hired. The new director had several years of previous career assessment experience, but lacked talent assessment knowledge gained from the IDAK Career match system and the IDAK Autobiographical Interview. Equipped with these two assessment tools, the new director was ready to reach out to high level business professionals who would not necessarily seek to visit a church. The new ministry proved successful and provided a creative way for the church to get involved in serving the needs of its community leaders.
– Large Church – Ministry Outreach Director

An international mission agency was struggling with returning overseas staff who needed re-direction into a different ministry or marketplace job. The human resource office contacted IDAK and requested training for two of the agency’s member care counselors at their home office. Following training with IDAK these two counselors were able to assist returning missionaries with more than well wishes. They were equipped to provide tangible hope for a new future in a new field of service. The IDAK Career Match and training provided the in-depth assessment to match each missionary’s hopes and dreams along with their God given talents to several credible new options. After feeling like failures each couple were given hope that their desire to serve God could be fulfilled in several alternative options rather than just one position overseas. These two counselors trained by IDAK were making a major difference in the lives of missionaries.
– Staff Counselors – International Missions Organizaton

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