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Feeling overwhelmed with the thought of a career change?

Advancing from a minimum wage job which you have had since school to a real career job can seem overwhelming. We have a working knowledge of over 90,000 career options and can help you find the top  ten career options which match your interests and hard wired skills best. It all starts with a phone call from you to tell us what you have been thinking about lately, and what seems important that needs doing with your life. It doesn’t matter if you have had any career related work experience. Our in-depth aptitude assessment and career advancement job search can get you to that opportunity that fits your vision and goals.

Case Studies

Charles was terminated from a position in the accounting office of a large organization. He stated that as long as he had to look for a new job, he might as well find something that really fit his passion and talent. After completing his assessment testing we discovered that he wanted to pursue a start-up science based company which had a unique eco friendly product. His research identified several companies which led to a new venture which made water heaters with no moving parts. Although this was the ideal product, the company had failed to turn a profit in its first 3 years. There was no money to hire him. We coached him to explore further and found that the company’s strength was engineering, not accounting. Charles also discovered that the company’s product was selected as the “science discovery of the month” to be featured on the front cover of Popular Science magazine. Charles proposed an offer to assist the company to help balance their finances in exchange for a nominal contractual fee. If successful, his agreement allowed for a renewal, leading to full time employment. Within one year he became vice president of finance and was given a competitive salary.
– Charles – VP of Finance

Bill was a manufacturing CEO and wanted to transition into the non-profit community. He had no experience in that field, yet had a passion to serve the public interest. After testing we discovered that he had a passion for history. His love for history led to a search of the Historical society for his state and discovered a hidden executive position with that organization. Because of his past success as a businessman he was offered a position, yet, his research had identified that a prominent former politician was a dominant presence on the board. Bill felt that his ability to lead might be compromised by this person. After coaching Bill around this barrier, he was able to negotiate an agreement with the board member that would allow him the freedom to lead the historical society through the changes needed in the years ahead.
– Bill – Non-profit Executive Director

Janette at 45 was the granddaughter of a nationally recognized minority rights advocate. As an African American, she was frustrated that she couldn’t follow in her grandfather’s footsteps as she had only been able to achieve traditional office administrative positions. After her assessment testing, we discovered that she had talent for public speaking and encouraged her to seriously consider developing this aptitude. For three years we did not hear from Janette. One day we received a thank you email from an African American businessman whom we had assessed and coached in a similar manner. To our surprise, he had met Janette in another state through an independent contact and somehow IDAK came up in the conversation. He reported that our time with Janette had been the spark to give her the conviction to mobilize her talents. She had advanced to a position of prominence on her own in keeping with her grandfather’s legacy.
– Janette, Age 45 – Executive Position

Debra felt like a misfit at 46. She had recently held a senior management position in a dental lab and due to ownership change was transitioned out. She said that she had no interest in returning to the dental industry. After her aptitude testing, we discovered that one of her passions included helping men and women in drug/alcohol recovery. Debra only had one semester of community college, and felt that this was too distant a dream. After researching local area employers, she discovered a prominent agency which sponsored its own counselor training program. If she was willing to complete the program, she would have a job at the end as an agency counselor. She took the job, finished the internship and began her counseling career.
– Debra, Age 46 – Counselor

Phil had spent all of his work life, 30+ years working for one company in manufacturing quality control. When management changed, he was transitioned out with a one year settlement package. As we reviewed his assessment results, he stated that he wanted to pursue one of the options recommended, Youth foster care. Phil had no college education and the position he wanted had individuals with masters degrees in line to fill application forms. Phil almost gave up hope. We coached him to research further, specifically looking for any state agency internship training programs which might exist. After several meetings with department heads, Phil did find an internship program which was designed to train individuals for the very position he was seeking. He completed the training and entered his dream position.
– Phil, Age 55 – Youth Services