No One Does Talent Assessment Like IDAK

Talent Assessment Validity Rating

  1. A. Talent Survey

    Talent Survey

    The Talent Survey provides a quick 20-minute overview of all fifty-four talents as an online exercise. It equips the user with a strong orientation regarding all of the talent names, descriptions and, more importantly, the three classifications of Communicational, Relational and Functional Talents. Completion of the exercise results in a Talent Strengths Profile. This exercise is intended for small group or classroom use led by an instructor, coach or counselor who has received some training in IDAK’s Talent Assessment Systems.

  2. B. Talent Discovery Guide

    Talent Discovery Guide

    The Talent Discovery Guide is popular with seminars and small study groups. It provides an assessment (approx 1 1/2 hours for completion) which is supplemented by a seminar leader’s or discussion group leader’s instruction. This assessment is not intended for an individual’s self assessment as it does not include any application instructions. Training for use of the TDG is recommended.

  3. C. Online Talent Discovery Guide

    Online Talent Discovery Guide

    The on-line Talent Discovery Guide provides a very helpful assessment of an individual’s natural talents. It also provides a cross validation questionnaire. Results can be forwarded to a second party such as an employer. Talent strengths are also provided with in-depth explanations as how each one applies to one’s optimum job duties. Organizations use the on-line Talent Discovery guide as part of their new hire screening.

  4. D. Career Match (Instrument)

    Career Match (Instrument)

    The IDAK Career match is IDAK ‘s premier assessment and career matching instrument. This exercise matches your career passion , and talent strengths to over 90,000 career options and sorts the ten best. Both ideal organization descriptions as well as recommended job titles in those organizations are provided. The results are pre-coded to facilitate a link to an exhaustive list of compatible names of companies and organizations in your city.

  5. E. Validation Interview

    Validation Interview

    Companies and non profits use the Validation interview in combination with the on-line Talent Discovery Guide or IDAK Career Match to provide an even higher level of talent assessment validity. Training to learn the Talent Validation interview is needed.

  6. F. Autobiographical Interview

    Autobiographical Interview

    The Autobiographical Interview is our highest level of talent assessment validity. It provides a near fool proof evaluation of a person’s talents virtually eliminating one’s personal or occupational bias. Training to learn the Autobiographical Interview is required.

Validation Rating Key

  1. 1. Awareness of Talents and Definitions
  2. 2. Understanding of Talents and Definitions
  3. 3. Internal Validation of Talents
  4. 4. External Validation of Talents
  5. 5. Highest Level of Validation of Talents

To understand the range of services we provide, hover over a number or percentage on the graph below. You have a choice as to the level of validation you want to pursue.

IDAK provides six different levels of talent assessment tools and services.

At the heart of any aptitude assessment system is a core of assumptions about behavior and potential. We believe every person is created with innate natural talent strengths. When properly identified, these talents can lead individuals to their career sweet spots. Companies and organizations can learn to design job descriptions which bring out the best in each person’s strengths and promote a TEAM workforce.

Lowest Mid Highest
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